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Viddo was robbed,but won for best looks!

Best wishes to everybody still around!

After some boozing,I'm now able to wish you all a happy merry funny year 2016.

Je suis Charlie

So long,guys,murdered for laughing…
Aujourd'hui,nous pleurons de rire...




...for South Georgia...

So cute!

Hopefully they will be at the Hobbit London premiere!

(pic credit to Viggo-works)

LotR marathon

It has been a while.Almost forgot how good it is to laugh,cry and shiver throughout the whole story.


This night I had to put to sleep my darling Guita,16 years old.
I miss her already...

A 3 minutes trip in Arctic!

One of our guides did this funny little movie.
The 'bad educated' guy is Paul Goldstein,a professional wild life photographer who tried to teach us how to take good pics of polar bears while running for dear life...